Facial Treatments

Skin Lifecycle

Skin is a living, changing organ and the only one that can regenerate itself throughout our lifetime. With proper and regular care, your skin can look its youngest and healthiest at every age.

Basic Facials

Basic Relaxing Facial

This basic facial is an introduction to facial treatment including skin analysis, cleansing, exfoliation, relaxing massage and mask suitable for skin condition, moisturizer and sunscreen.

Basic Deep Pore Cleansing Facial

This basic facial offers cleansing, exfoliation, extraction and mask suitable for skin condition. Recommending for oily skin, black heads.

Facial Treatments

Tautening Firming Treatment

Helping for aging skin that is losing elasticity and firmness. This powerful action of plant oils, soy extract and extract from sweet almond leaves results in skin that is firmer, smoother and more youthful.

Age Defense Treatment

This is the answer for pre and post menopausal skin. The powerful active ingredients stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis while regulating pigmentation, result in a healthier complexion. Recommended for women in 40s and up.

Revitalizing Treatment

Through the action of enzymes, vegetable flakes, which are rich in vitamin A-B-C and plants oils, this treatment will leave the skin luminous, energized.

Balancing Facial Treatment

Designed for oily, combination skin, enriched with activated carbon that is capable of absorbing excess sebum and imperfections from the complextion, leaving it with a matt final appearance.  Recommended for skin with clogged pores, large pores and black heads.

Hydrating Anti Stress Treatment

The stress caused by our frenetic lifestyle, work overboard, lack of sleep, accumulated tiredness and have a negative effect on our appearance, revealing fatigued skin. This treatment provides fatigued and stressed skin with luminosity, reinforces the skin natural barrier, increases its vitality and provides deep hydration.

Detox Energizing Treatment

Pollution, fumes,UV rays and the environment have a negative effects on our skin, leaving it suffocated, saturated by toxin. This treatment purifies and oxygenates the skin in depth, relaxes and smooth the features and intense anti-fatigue effect.

Sensitive Skin Treatment

This treatment special for soothing, anti-inflammatory combats signs of couperose skin, irritation and desquanmation. Skin is left soft, relaxed and refreshed.

Anti-Aging Treatment

The ultimate anti-date for aging, for any skin need rejunvenation. Intelligent messenger molecures-cytokins stimulate the skin own cells renewal mechanisms. Fine lines, wrinkles become less visible.

Back Facial Treatment

Let us help you free your skin of impurities. With a special deep pores cleansing, extraction, massage, mask and moisturizes.

Eye Contour Treatment

The eye-contour area, one of the most delicate part of the face, improve the appearance of wrinkles, bags, under the eyes, and puffiness, restoring more defined and youthful appearance to your eyes.

Treatment Programs

Oily and Acne Program

Professional individual treatment kits offer the perfect solution for oily and acne skin. Ingredients target the actual cause of these problems, correct, balance the skin and provide it with matt, pure and uniform appearance.

Flash C Radiance( Multi-Correction) Program

Perfect skin in record time. Light-Tone-Firmness everything you ask for in an instant incredibly effective with extra vitality exfoliating mask and mask in the shape of veil soaked in high concentration of Vitamin C and UME extract with high anti glycation capacity. Skin feels more luminous, firm, toned, and radiant. Perfect for any moment and occasion.
With any of Facial Treatment including Skin Analysis by our 
professional Estheticians.
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